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Restoration of the decorative parquet floors

Date: 21.04.2009 12:29 PM

When the modern person chooses the floor covering for the house he is guided by his aesthetic considerations and it makes him look for the variant that will be not only harmonious in the interior of an apartment but it will also reflect his inner world, his individual taste and his preferences.

All this explains big popularity of the decorative hardwood floors, which are practically never repeated. The variety of their decorative and style variants is unlimited.

The design of the hardwood floors from Premiere Parquet is differs the special harmony of forms and lines with those natural expressive properties of the material, that the natural wood is. It can not be mixed up with any other design of the parquet floor.

Premier Parquet has unique modern technologies which enable to make the parquet floors of the supreme quality. You may be sure that no matter if it is a simple parquet covering with a medallion in the center of the floor and a border around its perimeter, or a hardwood floor of the palace style, they will be made with the special creative relation of the specialists.

That is why the specialists from Premier Parquet are very often invited to work at the very responsible objects in Ukraine and abroad, including the restoration work. One of the latest realized projects was the restoration of the parquet floors in Odessa Opera Theater.

Parquet restoration-1 Parquet restoration-2 Parquet restoration-3

Applying of the unique high-efficiency technologies that enables to mechanize greater part of the basic restoration operations makes possible to do the works quickly. Our newest automated system of designing and a special method of wood selecting on tones, colours and texture provide a high precision of the original parquet floor reproducing. All this provides the best quality of the parquet floor restoration of any complicacy and allows to realize large difficult projects within the shortest term.

Parquet restoration-4 Parquet restoration-5 Parquet restoration-6

Odessa Opera Theater was built in 1884-1887. It is one of the most wonderful architectural buildings in Europe.

Building of the theater is done in the style of Viennese «Baroque», which was the main style in the European art from the end of XVI and to the middle of XVIII century.

Parquet floors of Odessa Opera Theatre bears not only their directly function, but they also successfully complement and unobtrusively emphasize the luxury decoration of the inner interior.

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Having restored this wonderful creation of the ancient masters, we cared of that our descendants would be able to admire those masterpieces of the decorative and applied art which our experts have returned a former kind.

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