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Custom hardwood floors have lately become very popular, and not only among the rich home owners...

In spite of this there is always a certain percent of people who try to find something different, not a expensive custom hardwood floor for the reasons of economy or for other reasons. That is why Premier Parquet developed an inexpensive variant of decorative parquet floor in the form the inlaid slats of the block parquet.

Using of the inlaid slats for laying the block parquet enables to create different decorative compositions on the floor covering with the help of the simple methods. Sometimes they look as expressive as the expensive custom hardwood floors.

If you order only 10-15 inlaid slats to any taste and use the traditional block parquet, you can easily create a modern decorative hardwood floor without any special expenses!

The inlaid hardwood floor consists of the slats of the traditional block parquet from one or several wood species, which are used as a basic set and some inlaid parquet slats, which are installed in a parquet covering in accordance with a scheme, that is determined by the design of the decorative hardwood floor.

The inlaid parquet slat is a complete decorative miniature or miniature fragment of the decorative composition of the art parquet floor, made with using the inlay technique.

The slats of the standard block parquet is usually used as basic. The separate details of a composition made from other wood species, stone or metal are inserted into them. Premier Parquet use the technology which enables to do the inlay on the all thickness of the parquet slat.

Usage of the inlaid parquet slats together with the block parquet provide for the complete conformity of their thickness, width and length. The Standard Line of the inlaid parquet, presented on the pages of Premier Parquet Catalogue is developed on the basis of the standard size parquet slat 70 x 500 mm. The most part of them can be made in other sizes under the customer’s request.

The assortment of the serially produced inlaid parquet slats is represented in our photogallery. You can order also parquet inlay by the individual sketches. You can always get the Information about the parquet in the warehouse, current prices on it, and also an individual consultation if you contact our regional sales representative.


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